What year was Despatch formed?
The first major company in East Rochester was?
Merchants Despatch Transportation Company, most often referred to as the Carshops.
Who was East Rochester's first Fire Chief?
John Kane
On January of 2007 there was a train wreck. Where did the train derail?
On the bridge over Lincoln Road.
Who was the High School football field named after?
Don Quinn
Who has acted as master of ceremonies at the Memorial and Veterans Day celebrations at the park for the most years?
Nick Verzella
This athlete was noted for the longest East Rochester sports career.
Nick Urzetta
Who is the East avenue grade school named after?
Lois Bird
Who is the man with all the toy ducks in his yard?
Tom McShane
Who was the Police Chief before Bill Young?
Don Padgett-Acting
What girl is a noted trumpet player and avid Hang glider?
Lisa Verzella
Who was Louis Bird?
First Superintendent of schools.
What is the year of the old firetruck at the East Rochester fire department?
1925. Restored in 1968 by Jim Burlingame.
Who was the longest village historian?
Mary Conners
Who wrote a column for the East Rochester paper for 25 years?
Cabby Providence
East Rochester's first female vice-mayor was?
First female vice-mayor — Dorothy Dianetti
ERCN TV-12 was started in what year?
Who is the host of the TV show "What's cooking in ER"?
Miele Battaghlini
Popular "hang-out" places for many Saint John Fisher students in 1970s and 80s
Checko's Cabana, Cilento's
Who were the two state Assemblymen from this village?
Asseemblyman Jim Nagle and Senator Jim Alesi.
Who in the village is a vice-president of Kodak?
Dick Morabito
Who in the village is a vice-president of Xerox?
Tim Henry
What golf course was stared by a group of East Rochester people?
Green Hills in Mendon.
When was the fire department move across the street to its current location?
Who from the high school was state wrestling champ?
Tim Gay 1970, Rich McPhee 1974, John Zito 1979 and Chris Schojan 1985
When was the football team state champs?
Who won the national amateur championship in 1950.
Sam Urzetta
Little league baseball was started in the village in what year?
What year was ER the senior Little League Baseball World champions?
Who was the school sports doctor for over 25 years?
Dr. Gordon Coryell
Who was the only monroe county Harvest queen from ER?
Ann Discavage
What did Brainerd's Manufacturing produce?
Brass hardware.
What did Ontario Drill Works make?
Planting tools and machines.
What was the original name of the village movie theater?